We would like to share our experience in the High Tech and Aerospace Industry with you to help you grow and overcome the challenges of transformation to the digital age.

In the age of disruption where software is eating the world and changing the very fabric of businesses and earning models, we would like to be your partner!

Adopting Industry 4.0 to protect excisting earning models will not gurantee success. On the contrary it will slow down the process of innovation. However considering new earning models from ownership to access to technology and products combined with Industry 4.0 is in our opinion a sustainable and survivable business appoarch against the disruptive upcoming software driven companies.

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With our accumulated experience of more then 50 years in engineering in Automotive, Aerospace and the High Tech Industry we are quite confident about our engineering products and services we can deliver.

Whether you are looking for CAD/CAM/CAE/FEM/CFD capacity to support your Engineering effort or you need expert involvement in Design for Manufacturability or Value Engineering to reduce the amount of parts or redesign we are commited to delivering you the right services or products.

Computational Analytics for Engineering, Flow, Motion, Vibration, Thermal, Topology Optimisation and Desinging for Additive Manufacturing are just an example of subjects we can help you with.


Business Development

So, the cost of production of your products needs to reduce? Or you need a supplementary source for your supply chain?

We can help you with Value Engineering to reduce the amount of parts and will look further in how to setup a supply chain that will prove to be cost effective and market competetive. Sourcing by strategically and critically assessing what parts to be produced in your home country and what parts to be out-sourced to low-rate countries while quality is guaranteed

Pay for objectives and goals achieved

With our knowledge of the industry and experience in engineering and project management we provide you a value proposition that allows you to mitigate your financial risks in your projects by staged delivery on prior approved milestones

Depending on your needs and requests we can profide capabilities and services with a fixed fee or provide you our consultancy services based on projects or based on objectives and goals achieved

Some of our capabilities are

  • Innovation, Technology and Business Development Consultancy Services
  • Project Management
  • CAD/CAM Engineering Services
  • FEM/CFD Analysis

Design Thinking and Innovation Cycle

How will new emerging technologies influence your sales? And what about your manufacturing and your production?

You are asking yourself how design thinking and using the innovation cycle tools will influence your business?

When is the right time to start investing in automatisation of your helpdesk? Can you already swich to bots and voice recognition technology helping you to improve your helpdesks performance or the customer satisfaction?

Or are you just interested in how Generative Design Algorithms will disrupt and radically change your engineering effort?

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Next Steps...

Are you interested but still not fully confident? Just give us a call or send us a mail so we can contact you or make an appointment without strings attached.

We would be very happy to  tell you more about our projects and products catalog.